Belgium, a small but vibrant country nestled in the heart of Europe, offers a wealth of experiences for travellers. From its medieval cities and picturesque towns to its world-renowned chocolates and beers, Belgium is a destination that delights and surprises at every turn. This ultimate travel guide will help tourists to explore the best that Belgium has to offer.

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Day 1: Exploring Brussels

Take a tour of Adventure in the Capital.

Brussels, the vibrant capital city renowned for its breathtaking architecture, rich heritage, and mouthwatering food, is where the Belgian Adventure begins. Start the day at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Grand Place, where travellers can take in the majestic Town Hall and the sumptuous guild halls.  

Savor Belgian Delicacies

Every visit to Brussels is complete with indulging in some of Belgium’s famous culinary delights. Head to a local café to enjoy a traditional Belgian waffle, followed by a visit to a chocolatier to sample some exquisite Belgian chocolates.

Art and History

Spend the afternoon exploring Brussels‘ many museums and galleries. The Magritte Museum offers a fascinating insight into the surrealist works of René Magritte, while the Royal Museums of Fine Arts house an extensive collection of masterpieces. End the day with a stroll through the European Quarter, where travellers can see the European Parliament and other vital institutions.

Day 2: Medieval Marvels in Bruges

A Journey Back in Time

On the second day, take a train to Bruges, often called the “Venice of the North” due to its enchanting canals. Explore the Market, the bustling central square, and climb the Belfry for panoramic city views.

Canal Cruises and Cobblestone Streets

One of the best ways to see Bruges is by boat. A canal cruise will give travellers a unique perspective of the city’s medieval architecture and picturesque scenery. Afterwards, wander through the cobblestone streets, visiting landmarks such as the Basilica of the Holy Blood and the Groeninge museum, which houses a remarkable collection of Flemish art.

Local Cuisine and Brews

End the day with a hearty meal at a traditional Belgian restaurant. Try the local speciality, moules-frites (mussels with fries), and sample some of the region’s famous beers. Bruges is home to several historic breweries where travellers can tour and learn about the brewing process.

Day 3: Cultural Riches in Ghent

Discovering Hidden Gems

The final day takes travellers to Ghent, a vibrant city known for its eclectic mix of medieval and modern architecture. Start the day with a visit to the Gravensteen, a medieval castle that offers a glimpse into the city’s storied past.

Art and Architecture

Ghent is home to several impressive churches and cathedrals, including St. Bavo’s Cathedral, where travellers can see the renowned Ghent Altarpiece. Walk through the Patershol district, a charming neighbourhood filled with historic buildings and cosy cafés.

A Relaxing Evening

End the trip with a relaxing evening along the Graslei and Korenlei, two picturesque streets that line the banks of the Leie River. This area is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a boat ride, and it’s also home to many excellent restaurants where travellers can enjoy a final meal in Belgium.

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Belgium enthrals with its fusion of culture, history, and delectable cuisine. Belgium has a lot to offer its travellers everywhere they look, from the busy streets of Brussels to the mediaeval splendour of Bruges and the cultural diversity of Ghent. Travellers can plan their journey with Qatar Airways for a luxurious travel experience and preserve their memories with Photo Gift World. Travellers can start planning their Belgian adventure today and get immersed in the beauty and history of this remarkable country.

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